-   ELECTIONS 2020  -

August 6, 2020

Greetings Co-op Member-Owner!

Part of our Mission Statement speaks to our goals:

  • Being thoughtful stewards of the environment

  • Being a socially responsible business and good neighbor

  • Believing in the principles of teamwork and a democratic process that inspires fairness, trust and cooperation

Since our incorporation almost 36 months ago, we have already enrolled 421 member-owners and we are on the path to achieving our goal of a cooperative grocery market!  Presently, we have seven (7) members on the board.  They are the President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and 3 General Board Members.

As stated in our mission, we are directed to “continue the next step” in our democratic process.  In accordance with our BY LAWS – Section 5.2, directors to the board are elected for three (3) year terms.  We believe the most effective way to have a strong board presence is to have the elections on a three year cycle.

The election process timeline is three (3) months which includes an introduction/announcement message to all member-owners, a “meet the board” opportunity for board applicants and culminates with a member-owners ballot election.

This year’s election will be held in November 2020 and will be modified to elect individuals to the board, rather than positions.  This year, we will elect two (2) individuals to the board and determine board positions (officer or member) at the first board meeting held in January 2021.

As a Board Member you will:

  • Oversee the fiscal health of the Co-op while maintaining wise stewardship of member-owners’ investment and making strategic decisions on its financial future;

  • Understand the cooperative movement and philosophy;

  • Have experience in community development and outreach;

  • Have financial and budgetary skills such as approving capital and operating budgets;

  • Prepare for and attend monthly and special board meetings;

  • Attend and actively participate in training sessions and retreats; and

  • Volunteer with Co-op events


If you are interested in joining the Board of Directors, your application materials are due no later than Saturday, September 19, 2020 and should be submitted via email to info@villagecoopmarket.com. Thank you for your membership and support!  We all look forward to our Co-op becoming a reality.

Regards from the Election Committee,

Mary Ellen Haefner Email Mary Ellen

Beth Lucia Email Beth

Cheryl Walfrand Email Cheryl