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Why did I join a co-op that doesn’t exist yet?

I am so proud for this opportunity to embrace a futuristic “co-op market” for community access to locally grown farm fresh fruits and vegetables and look forward to a center to meet up with great neighbors and make new friends.

Too, I wanted to be engaged and empowered as an “invested” part-business owner which has been a life-long dream even after having completed a most rewarding career in Federal Government and now actively working in the health benefits industry.

Awesome to liven my entrepreneurial spirit and be able to watch and speak about the visionary and growing experiences as the co-op goals come to fruition as a “real” brick-and-mortar location.

For now, I am encouraged by the growing interest and participation in this initiative especially living on the outskirts of the Williamsville Village proper.

As such, I personally invite anyone reading this website article to join in and become involved, keep abreast of what the Board and membership have already accomplished, track the upcoming planning steps, and read and share the extended communications sent via social media directly to members.

Awesome to be a purposeful advocate!

And watch for me walking or riding my scooter to the market when the time comes my sons take away my car keys!

Best regards,

Joann L. Bugajski

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