-   ELECTIONS 2021  -

As stated in our mission, we are directed to "continue the next step" in our democratic process.  In accordance with our BY LAWS - Section 5.2, directors to the board are elected for three (3) year terms.  We believe the most effective way to have a strong board presence is to have the elections on a three-year cycle.

This year, we have three (3) candidates running for the board.  Please see their information below.  You are able to vote for up to two (2) candidates.  You will receive an email on November 7 to vote.  Member-Owners without valid email addresses will receive a paper ballot.  Voting will close on November 20.

Thank you for supporting the success of our co-op!


David Gardner Photo.jpeg


Originally born and raised in the city of Buffalo, my wife and I moved to the village of Williamsville to start our family in a great community. Over the last few years, I have come to know the local area more. The fascinating and friendly people we have come in contact with, will leave a lasting imprint on the both of us for years to come.

Over ten years of product development, sustainment, marketing, and management within the defense, transportation, and aerospace industries. I look forward to using my skills to help drive projects forward and collaborating with member owners to achieve the desired results and best outcome is key. I understand making decisions to obtain the best results are of utmost importance to the member/owners. I look forward to serving with each member/owner and am vastly grateful for the opportunity to help make decisions that will bring the community closer.

My wife and I thank the Village of Williamsville and look forward to what the future may bring.

To contact David about any questions you may have about his candidacy email him at david1gardnerb@gmail.com or call him at (716) 444-6311.

Paul Prestia Photo.JPG


Originally from Connellsville, PA, Paul studied Chemical Engineering at Lehigh University. After a brief career in refinery engineering with the Standard Oil Company of Ohio and air munitions engineering with the US Air Force (as an active-duty Air Force officer), he attained a JD degree from Georgetown University and began a 50+ year career in intellectual property law. In 2013, Paul retired from the law firm which he co-founded and led for many years. He and his wife, Joanne (also a retired attorney), enjoy visiting their two sons and grandchildren on the West coast, where they see a wide variety of local food sources and outlets.

Paul enjoys good health which he attributes in part to a long-time commitment to a healthy diet, of which fruits and vegetables play a major part. Before moving their summer residence to Williamsville, and since that move, Paul and Joanne have relied heavily on farmers’ markets as sources of locally produced food. The proposed Williamsville co-op food market will potentially, exponentially expand both the availability of food from those sources and the demographic market for such food, leading to a healthier environment for everyone in the region. I look forward to the success of the new co-op food market and to my involvement with it, at least as a customer, and, if elected to the Board, as a contributor to that success.

To contact Paul about any questions you may have about his candidacy email him at pfpvfpa@gmail.com or call him at (302) 584-1303.

Jim Walfrand


Born and raised in Amherst.  I am so proud to be a lifelong member of the community.  I have been in economic development most of my life either in disaster assistance or in rural communities.  I feel it's important to give back to the community which has given me so much (wife and three GREAT kids).  I bring to the Board the ability to assist with the development of the Co-op.  I have worked with Co-ops across the country as part of my past positions.  I'm passionate about what Co-ops bring to the community and support for local vendors.

To contact Jim about any questions you may have about his candidacy email him at walfrand@roadrunner.com or call him at (585) 297-4866.