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The Village Co-op Market of Williamsville

Williamsville, NY (Full Time)

Compensation: $70,000-$80,000 Annually

Category: Retail/Grocery

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The Village Co-op Market of Williamsville is seeking an experienced, hands-on, dynamic leader to be our General Manager (GM) for our start-up, member-owned grocery store!  In the rapidly evolving world of startups, the role of a General Manager is crucial to the success of the company. This position requires a unique combination of leadership, strategic planning, and operational expertise to guide the organization through the complex challenges of a new venture.

  • To be effective in this role, the General Manager must also be able to collaborate with and motivate employees at all levels of the organization. They must be able to communicate the company's vision and goals effectively and inspire their team to work towards achieving them.

  • The GM reports to a member-elected Board of Directors whom are responsible for governing the co-op as well as oversight of the GM.



The successful candidate will have 3-5 years’ experience, preferably in a food retail management role (General Manager, Store Manager, District Manager).  Experience in a natural food or co-op setting is preferred. Experience managing business environments that require innovation, an entrepreneurial spirit, and creative problem solving are highly valued.


  • Business Planning: Developing and implementing strategic plans

  • Financial Management and Reporting: Including preparing operating and capital budgets; set goals and benchmarks with measurable outcomes. Ability to interpret, construct and manage financial statements. Proven experience in revenue projections.

  • Demonstrated ability to lead, build and support teams and foster a respectful and collaborative team environment

  • Strong communication skills (written and oral); ability to convey information and develop relationship with various groups (members, customers, suppliers, local businesses, local farmers, and board members)

  • Strong problem-solving skills and experience developing and executing plans to improve store operations. Ability to work collaboratively a board of directors.

  • Ability to proactively problem-solve; willing and able to hold people accountable

  • Skilled in the use of office productivity software, financial management software Microsoft Office, QuickBooks, Google docs/spreadsheets) and experience with POS systems and inventory management



  • Monitoring the financial health of the business and providing strategic direction in response to economic demands. The GM is accountable for control of resources.

  • Ensure a product mix that prioritizes local, organic, and sustainably made products and produce while meeting member and customer needs in conjunction with maintaining a positive profit margin

  • Timely responsiveness to customer feedback

  • Manage relationship with wholesale distributors, local market vendors and industry resources

  • Monitor co-op industry and natural food trends and incorporate into the co-op when appropriate

  • Design a competitive pricing strategy including monthly sales and flyers while managing positive profit margins

  • Ensure compliance with all applicable laws: licenses, permits, health regulations and employment

  • Articulating short- and long-term goals

  • Participate in strategies for membership growth and customer attainment in to sustain successful operations

  • Oversee Community Room: Ensuring the co-op offers captivating curriculum, including but not limited to: healthy lifestyle and diet, cooking classes etc.; in coordination with community partners

  • Participate in regional and national co-op and industry events

  • Provide the board all relevant information in a timely and accurate manner

  • Ensure a safe, healthy workplace for employees. They also

  • Hire, supervise, and evaluate all employees of the co-op.

  • Provide effective and positive leadership through modeling appropriate behavior and maintaining high visibility



The Village Co-op Market of Williamsville is a start-up member-owned food co-op located in the Village of Williamsville, a suburb of Buffalo, NY.  In addition to being the home of the Buffalo Bills and Buffalo Sabres, Buffalo is known as the city of good neighbors.  We are a growing city with an exciting waterfront.  Situated 20 minutes north of Buffalo, the Village of Williamsville is known for its strong school system, robust small town city center boasting with shops, restaurants and parks, local events and festivals.

The Co-op primary goals are to be thoughtful stewards of the environment, a socially responsible business that strongly supports our local farmers and vendors. We strive to promote healthy living by providing high quality products, educating ourselves and others on the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and nutrition.  Attentive customer service, and giving back to the community are our core values. We believe in the principles of teamwork and a democratic process that inspires fairness, trust and cooperation. 


To apply, please submit resume with cover letter and 3 professional references to: or apply online

Position will be posted until filled.

All applicants will be considered without regards to race, color, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, sex, marital or parental status, disability, gender identity or expression, age, or any other basis prohibited by law.

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