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What Is Happening With The Co-Op This Summer?

If you live in Williamsville or happen to drive by 480 Evans Street you surely cannot miss the work happing on our new space! Benderson Development wasted no time getting things moving.

This is an exciting time for our Co-op!

We have secured a location, design work started, and we are moving forward with our home.

Part of this summer’s work is to hire an architect and construction company and complete the prospectus for the capital campaign this fall.

As a result of more strict guidelines from New York State, a financial audit is required for the submission of the prospectus (The Prospectus is the very long document we submit to NYS for them to approve our ability to raise capital by selling shares in the business to our member-owners). This audit, or the steep cost to be more specific, is an unexpected significant expense.

How can you help? Please consider donating to the gofundme campaign ( ) we have set up to help cover this cost and continue with the work on our new home at 480 Evans Street.

How much should you donate? Well that is up to you! We suggest anywhere between $50 and $50,000 :) but really whatever number is comfortable for you!

Thank you again for everyone's support!

Do you know a friend or neighbor that should become a member-owner? Please encourage them to join. We need to get to 1200 members by October, as of today we are at 843. If every member-owner brought on 1 additional member owner it would put us in a great position. As you may know, you can sign up at the Williamsville Farmer's Market in person every Saturday this summer and always online here at

Then. in the fall we will launch our capital campaign. The plan right now is Fall of 2024 opening!

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